Atlanta Braves

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These products are the perfect gift for any baseball fan! Make sure to use your favorite player's code for 5% off your order!

The Mug, Wine Mug, and Shot Glass are made from 100% Birch wood and do not alter the taste of the drink at all. It is perfect for hot or cold drinks and has been proven to keep drinks at their desired temperature for longer than a standard glass mug. You can pour your favorite drink right into the barrel and enjoy it like a true fan! Works perfectly with : Beer, Wine, Soft Drinks, Mixed Drinks, Sport Drinks, Water, Tea, Coffee, or whatever else you would like to enjoy!

Also for the bottle opener, the Birch wood and Stainless Steel mix make a perfect combination for long term life and you can show them off at all your future outings!

Lifetime Warranty

We understand a love affair with baseball lasts a lifetime, so these products are created to last a lifetime. Our products carry a lifetime guarantee, so you can feel confident that you are gifting smiles for life! Do us a favor and try not run over it with a truck, burn it in campfire, put it in the dish washer, or blow it up, but even if you do, we are happy to replace it! NOT DISHWASHER SAFE (warranty is through Dugout Mugs)