Cutco 4-piece Table Knife Set with Tray

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Four of Cutco’s best-selling knife in a dishwasher-safe tray. Cut everything on your plate and slice through even the thickest chops with ease. Stays sharp for years. From dining room to patio, bring this tray of knives with you to every meal. Store tray on the wall or in a drawer


Praised by our customers for being enduringly sharp and exceedingly versatile, this knife is comfortable to hold and perfectly balanced.

The Table Knife is an ideal choice even if steak isn't on the menu – cut salads, spread butter and more with this long admired member of the Cutco line


  • Included in set (4) Table Knives
    1 Tray
  • Blade material 440A High-Carbon, Stainless Steel
  • Handle material Highly engineered thermo-resin. Available in classic black or pearl white.
  • Blade Length 3-3/8"
  • Overall Length 8-3/8"
  • Table Knife Weight 1.2 oz. (34g)