Fulvic 400X

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Highly concentrated fulvic with naturally occurring ionic minerals. Ideal for rebalancing or replacing minerals and electrolytes by delivering these and other nutrients directly to our cells. Fulvic helps provide the electrical energy our cells need to perform the plethora of biochemical processes and reactions occurring every minute.


Our fulvic comes from a single source in the USA and is not derived from coal or shale like other fulvic supplements on the market today.  While still beneficial, a study confirms coal and shale typically have fewer minerals.  Also, the size of the fulvic molecules are larger on average which can affect how easily they are absorbed.  A high quality fulvic solution should be a rich, golden color.


With the exceptional quality of Mother Earth Labs’ source, it isn’t necessary to combine raw materials from different areas around the world – another common practice required to achieve full-spectrum minerals and a higher fulvic concentration.  Quality of the USA and other international fulvic sources vary widely.


In 2003, our founder, who is also a biochemist, learned about humic and fulvic substances from a healer and teacher named Drunvalo.   From there she took great care to scrutinize raw materials around the world until she found one with the richness and concentration necessary to produce the humic and fulvic she felt could help her restore her own health and vitality.  


Mother Earth Labs’ Fulvic 400X is extracted to protect fulvic molecule structures, maintain mineral content, and avoid potentially dangerous chemical contaminants and byproducts.


Our fulvic is third-party tested to ensure a pure and potent final product.


With Fulvic 400X, you can count on receiving a super concentrated product guaranteed to have at least 10% fulvic acid with many batches testing close to 12%!


Unfortunately, there are many clever marketing techniques that hide low fulvic concentrations through misleading statements such as “100% fulvic acid solution” or “250 mg fulvic acid solution”.


A pure fulvic solution indicates a separation of fulvic molecules from other humates; As long as there are only fulvic molecules in the water, then it is a 100% fulvic acid solution.


What these marketing statements do not tell us is the ACTUAL concentration of fulvic. This concentration could be 10% or it could be less than 1%. 


A “250 mg fulvic acid solution” also does not indicate the percentage of fulvic. At 1%, this solution offers 2.5 mg of fulvic and at 10% it offers 25 mg of fulvic.


If it’s a high concentration, why not brag about it?


Fulvic 400X is made to be at least 10% actual fulvic acid in a 100% fulvic acid solution.