Personal Experiences

Here are a few personal statements from our minor leaguers. These are genuine statements that show the struggles these guys are facing. 



"Being a minor leaguer has its great opportunities like being called up to the majors and playing in-front of the world, but it also has a lot of hardships and things that you need to battle through to make it to that call. Nothing has made me more proud to date than hearing my name called in the draft. I had worked so hard for this for my whole baseball career. The harsh realities kick in quite quickly though. It begins to take a toll on you if you are not fortunate enough to get a signing bonus. Instead of worrying about your passion for baseball, you begin to worry about how you will afford to make rent and pay for groceries and additional meals that aren’t provided. When you have games, you get 2 meals provided for the day, and you are on your own for the other one. On the road they provide 2 meals and some meal money to help out with the other meal. Also, you have to be away from family members for months on end. As a minor leaguer, you get paid less than minimum wage and put your body at risk daily to try and make it to the big show. You receive some incentives for good play and all, but other than that it is pretty hard to live off of 800 per month. Living out of a suitcase and waiting for the call up to the next level takes a toll on the mental aspect.”   - 2019 Draft Pick


 "During the off-season we don’t get paid by our organizations. We have to find another job on top of finding time to workout and get better at what we do. And If you are married, you don’t have enough to support yourself for that whole year. - 2019 Draft Pick


"Minor league salary is very difficult to live off of. It is impossible (unless you got a big signing bonus) to not need a second job during the off-season. I had to work 2 jobs on top of trying to lift and get my swings in.  Without doing so I wouldn’t be able to afford rent, groceries, gas etc. I’m a single guy and it’s difficult for me. I can’t imagine how guys with families do it." 2019 Draft Pick


"Although I love following my dream of making it to the big leagues, with as low as the minor salary is and only being paid during the season, it is hard to think about how much longer I can keep going. I’m getting older and have more responsibilities now." - 2017 Draft Pick