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Providing a Premium Foundation of core nutrition that’s perfect for those living an active lifestyle or requiring additional nutritional support. Give yourself the functional support your body craves!



Mother Earth's long-time best-selling Premium Core Foundation provides a robust & advanced nutrient profile. Core + pH Balancer is amplified with natural and organic anti-inflammatory, alkalizing, immune, detoxification, antioxidant, vitamin, and ionic mineral groups. As a daily supplement, Core + pH Balancer helps you meet the elevated nutritional demands of our modern world, combat inflammation and aging, and stave off chronic disease.  Eliminate the guesswork of individual supplements and experience the convenience and power of this science-backed once-a-day supplement


Product Highlights

  • Includes a base of our Comprehensive Core and Humic & Fulvic supplements.
  • This high-potency premium supplement is ideal for active adults and seniors.
  • Non-GMO, Gluten & Soy Free, Vegetarian-Friendly.
  • Convenient liquid formula for easy dosing and rapid absorption.
  • Concentrated whole-food daily fruit and vegetable servings.
  • Trusted and recommended by Healthcare professionals and families around the globe since 2008.

Ingredient Highlights

Our extensive and highly-scrutinized catalog of Earth’s finest natural ingredients are synergistically brought together in this single product to give you unmatched health and wellness support. Our ingredients are in their most bioavailable forms and are carried by fulvic acid for rapid cellular absorption. All ingredients are non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and handled with care to ensure optimal nutritional quality and concentrations. Core + pH Balance gives you high-potency and naturally bioavailable forms of vitamins, ionic minerals, phytonutrients, amino acids, enzymes, fiber, and more!



  • Take with a full glass of pure, non-chlorinated water.
  • Refrigerate after opening to preserve freshness.
  • Consume within 6 months of opening.
  • Shelf life unopened is 1 year from MFD.